Canoe Safaris

This is without a doubt the most relaxing and most popular safari activity on offer. As you glide silently through the waters of the Zambezi's channels, you will have the privilege of viewing birds nesting, Lions lazing on the banks and Warthogs getting on with their day, whilst the younger members of a troop of Baboons keep everyone amused. Elephants often convene on the water's edge in the afternoon for a drink before crossing the channel to check out the grazing on the other side.

For many guests, our canoeing safari is the highlight of their stay. We recommend that this activity is reserved for the afternoons. Drifting downstream and mostly east wards, you will have the sun behind you, offering you better game viewing and photographic opportunities.

Safety is paramount. Whilst our guides read the signs of the bush and maintain a safe distance, it is imperative that all guests wear the life jacket provided during a canoeing trip. Each canoe is fitted with two seats for guests and the third seat is allocated to your guide and a trip is limited to 4 canoes. Our guides operate radios in case of an emergency.

Government regulations stipulate that canoeing is subject to a minimum age requirement of 12 years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for an unforgettable experience. We were thoroughly spoilt in every aspect. You have created an unbelievably luxurious and tasteful camp in such a remote and wild location.

Stephen Gregory, Johannesburg, South Africa, June 2015