Sport Angling – Tiger Fishing

Who said “there are no Tigers in Africa”? The famous African Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus Vittatus) offers, pound for pound, some of the best sport angling anywhere in the world. Whilst maintaining a strict catch and release policy, our enthusiastic guides will assist you to hook and land this fierce freshwater predator. There are no age restrictions to angling and it is a fun activity enjoyed by the entire family while Elephants and birds retain your interest throughout the day.

The Tiger Fish caught on this stretch of the Zambezi can weigh up to 20 pounds, but especially the smaller ones put up a strong fight once hooked. Each of our angling guides have been fishing the Zambezi River from a very young age and understand the weather conditions and water patterns. The key to a successful day out angling is to follow their recommendations.

Other species to be caught are Barble, Bottle-Nose, Bream, Brown Squeaker, Chessa, Cornish Jack, Electric Barble, Nkupe, Vundu and a few lesser species.

All species can be caught on fly, lure or bait. Although the camp has some basic equipment and tackle available for hire, we recommend that keen anglers bring their own tackle.

With boats in various sizes available, we accommodate four guests per boat on average. Private guiding or the allocation of fewer guests per boat is certainly possible. Extra charges might apply.

Baines’ River Camp maintains a very strict, and non-negotiable, “Catch and Release Policy” in order to minimise the mortality of our fish stock and therefore supports the use of artificial lures and circle hooks. A policy which might, at some stage, become obligatory in terms of park rules.

Our second visit to Baines has only made us realise what a magical place it is and that we will have to return again! Thank you to everyone for making our few days here so memorable. Great fishing, park lunch, bush dinner etcetera.

Mike, Angela and James Bader, September 2015, Middleburg, South Africa