Walking Safaris

Safaris on foot are most popular during the cool winter mornings. At this time of the year, the bush is not so dense, assisting with visibility and safety, whereas the temperatures are mild and comfortable.

On foot, we don't set out to find big game or predators. We rather focus on the details, the smaller wildlife species and insects, tracks and the signs of the bush, birdlife, the varied habitat and the medicinal values of plants. At the end of the morning though, you will return to camp with the bigger picture of the African wilderness.

If you are interested in joining a walk in the bush during your stay, we suggest that you pack sturdy walking shoes or trainers with soles that can withstand sharp thorns (Rafter-type sandals and Crocs are not suitable) and a pair of cotton socks. Binoculars and a (light) camera are a must. A small backpack is recommended.

From a safety perspective, we generally traverse the more open areas and dry river beds, away from the "commuter" paths created by wildlife. A walking safari is led by one of our specialist walking guides and accompanied by an armed Wildlife Scout as per government regulations. These expeditions are limited to a maximum of 4 guests and a minimum age restriction of 14 years applies.

It is hard to describe the amazing ambience of this place - all the elegant simplicity you could imagine in the most beautiful African surroundings and something new and exciting to experience every day.

Jack & Carol Dommisse, Durban, South Africa, April 2013